Lesson 4: Fulfilling a Request – Upload, Download and Comment


Uploading / Downloading Files 

To upload files, drag and drop the file on top of the request line or anywhere on the details side pane, if you’ve selected the request. You will know the upload is complete when you received a notification in the upper right-hand corner and a file icon appears beside the request.

It is easy to download a template or working paper by clicking on the name of the document in the activity feed.

To download multiple files, click on the file icon (under the paperclip column) on the request line.  This will allow you to download all the files associated with the request or an individual file if there is only one file. 

To download all files in a request list you can select all rows of requests, and press the download documents button in the toolbar mceclip0.png

To learn more about uploading files to AuditDashboard read this article.


Request Status and Request Status Workflow

Requests start out as Outstanding, then are Submitted by the client user, and either Accepted or Returned by the professional user. 

When a client user submits information to a request, the status automatically updates from Outstanding to Submitted.

After the firm professional evaluates the document(s), they will either mark the request as Accepted or they can add a comment indicating what action is required before the request can be accepted and mark it as Returned.

When a firm professional leaves a comment, the request becomes Bold indicating that the status has changed to unread. Bold is also used to differentiate new and modified requests.

In certain cases, the firm professional may Return the request indicating that additional information is required before it can be Accepted.


Pro tip: You should review bold requests each time you login. Doing so will help you differentiate things that have been modified since the last time you logged in.


Next up, Lesson 5: Notifications

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