The Pre-registration Intro Email Template

Introducing your clients to AuditDashboard is an opportunity to open a conversation and talk about why you have chosen to use this platform and - more importantly - how they will benefit from it. Clients love hearing that they'll be able to see the progress of an engagement, that you're making it easier to keep things organized, and have clear lines of communication throughout the engagement. 

Below we have provided a sample template to introduce your clients to AuditDashboard before they receive the email invitation to register. Feel free to modify to suit your particular client needs.


- Draft Email -

To: Client(s) email
CC: All engagement member's emails (including the partner)
From: Your email

Subject: New Request List Process

Hi [Client First Name(s)],

We wanted to let you we are implementing a more efficient process for gathering information like questions and files. You should receive a registration link shortly. If you don't see one come across, check your spam and/or let me know. This new, web-based platform, provides the ability for everyone to collaborate on one dynamic request list rather than having to exchange numerous request lists and files over email. There's no doubt that it provides for more organized and efficient communication.

Also, please let us know if there is anyone else on your team who may require access and we will be sure to send them a registration email as well.

If there are any questions, please let us know,


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