Lesson 1: Logging in – The Dashboard Screen

Once you have been invited to the AuditDashboard portal and create a password you will be able to log in using the login form on the portal's landing page.   


Each time you log in, you will be brought to your Dashboard. Here you will see a separate status bar chart for each of your active engagements. You can sort these charts by the most recently modified engagements, the most recently viewed, and by the engagement's start dates.


The Dashboard contains helpful status updates in the activity feed and useful engagement metrics to help answer important questions such as: What is outstanding? and Who needs to do what next, in order to bring the engagement to completion?

You are encouraged to review your Dashboard each time you log in to the portal. A snapshot of the engagement metrics is also sent to your inbox, so you can keep track of where things stand without even logging in.

By default, Key Engagement Metric Notifications are sent on a weekly basis but you can increase the frequency to daily or decide to turn them off. Email notifications automatically stop when engagements are marked complete.  To learn about how to set notifications click here.

To launch an engagement, simply click on the name of the engagement you want to open from the dashboard, or to go to a specific outstanding request, you can click on the request title.


Next up, Lesson 2: Navigating an Engagement Request List



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