Lesson 5: Notifications


Notifications start when a user is added to an active engagement. Notifications stop when an engagement is marked complete. Every user is responsible for managing their own notifications.

There are three types of email notifications in AuditDashboard: 

  1. Weekly Key Engagement Metric Summaries;
  2. Daily Key Engagement Metric Summaries; and
  3. Instant Request Notifications

By default, both professional and client users automatically receive Weekly Key Engagement Metric Summaries for all active engagements.

Weekly Key Engagement Metric Summaries

Subscribed users receive Key Engagement Metric Summaries in their inboxes, every Monday morning. The email notification includes a snapshot of engagement metrics across a portfolio of active engagements.

Daily Key Engagement Metric Summaries

Similar to Weekly Key Engagement Metric Summaries, Daily Summaries include a snapshot of engagement metrics across a portfolio of active engagements. When subscribed, the email notification arrives every weekday morning.

Instant Request Notifications

When subscribed and assigned to a request, Request Notifications instantly notify professional and client users via email when a comment is added, a document is uploaded, a request is assigned to you, or the request status changes. 

Please note that both professional and client users must be assigned a request to get the notification.  For example; "Bob" the client user, must be assigned to the Request "My Test Request" in order to receive any instant notifications.

If a request does not have a Firm or Client user assigned, the Instant Notifications for that request will go to all team members on the engagement. 

Navigate to Settings (identified by the Gear Icon) located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to opt in/out of receiving notifications.

From the settings menu, you can set the frequency at which you receive Engagement Notifications, and also opt-in to receive a notification when you are added to a new engagement.  You can also edit the Request Notifications and select each type of event and engagement you wish to be notified for.


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