Why AuditDashboard?

During the course of an engagement professionals can generate hundreds of disruptive inquiries and file requests from a client.  Some are communicated upfront in the form of a prepared by client (PBC) checklist and others via email in a more ad-hoc fashion.

The number of checklists, emails and files that are exchanged is overwhelming to say the least.  The time spent organizing, finding, and tracking communication can quickly consumes one’s day and frustrate clients and professionals alike.

AuditDashboard exists to simplify this process.

AuditDashboard’s software helps manage client requests, communication, collaboration and provide insights that help answer questions like:

  • Do we have everything we need to start the client engagement?
  • What is outstanding?
  • Who needs to do what in order to bring the engagement to completion?
  • Are our client’s delivering everything they have promised?
  • Are we delivering on our client promises?

AuditDashboard makes it easy for professionals and their clients to request, share, organize, discuss and track multiple files and inquiries. By centralizing and streamlining workflow, we are updating the way professionals work with their clients.

Contact AuditDashboard at support@auditdashboard.com or info@auditdashboard.com 

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