1. Creating Clients on Your AuditDashboard Portal

The first step to engagement setup is creating a client. Follow these steps to create a new client on yoursite.auditdashboard.com

Note: In order to create a client you'll need 'Client Manager' or 'Administrator' roles as discussed in Understanding System Roles & Permissions: Professionals.

a) When logged into AuditDashboard as a 'Client Manager' or 'Administrator' click on 'Clients'

b) To create a new client, click  and add the Company Name and press save


IMPORTANT: Recall that all clients and engagements are attached to this "Unique Client ID". To ensure you can collaborate across engagements, use the parent company name or brand name, not necessarily the same as the legal entity.

The next step to engagement setup is adding users to yoursite.auditdashboard.com.

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