Deactivating and Reactivating Users

When a user leaves your accounting firm or your client's company, it is important that you deactivate their account.

Deactivating their account will immediately lock them out of the entire AuditDashboard system.

To deactivate a users account go to 'Users'.

Find the desired user name(s) using either the search feature to filter by user or the side menu to filter by company.

To deactivate the user click . If you accidentally deactivate the user or they return to the firm and wish to reactivate their account click . At any given time administrators can review a list of which users are activate/inactive.


Administrators and client managers can also deactivate all user accounts associates with a specific client by going to 'Clients'.

To deactivate all users and engagements for a client, select the Client you wish to deactivate and click . Click  if you wish to reactivate the client users and associated engagements.


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