2. Adding Client Users to Your AuditDashboard Portal

The next step to engagement setup is adding Client Users to your AuditDashboard portal.  This brings the client user into the portal and associates them with their email address. Follow these steps to add Client Users to your AuditDashboard portal. 

Note: In order to create Client Users you'll need 'Client Manager' or 'Administrative Access' as discussed in Understanding System Roles & Permissions: Professionals.

a) When logged into AuditDashboard click on 'Users'

b) Click the “plus” button to add a new user.  This will open a form where you can select the company you wish to add the user to.  Complete the form by filling out their name and email address and press Save

Once the user is saved they are in a "Pending Invitation" state and require you to send them an invitation to register in order to access The Platform.

Note: you may not want to invite the user until after you have completed step 3 created your engagement and step 4 add users to the engagement so that their engagement is ready the first time they log in.

When you're ready to send the invitation to register, navigate to the user record, select the checkbox next to it in the user grid and press the Send Invitation Email button.  This will trigger an invitation email and change their status to pending registration from pending invitation.  

mceclip0.pngThe next step to engagement setup is creating an engagement.

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