5. Inviting Users to Your AuditDashboard portal

After adding users to Your AuditDashboard portal and then adding users to an engagement you'll want to send invitations to ensure your clients are registered and log-in.

To send invitations to register:

a) Go to 'Users'

b) Find the user name(s) using either the search feature (by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner or by clicking the client's name on the left hand of the screen). 

c) After locating the user, select the user and click to immediately send an email invitation which will allow the user to register with your AuditDashboard portal.

Once you've pressed the send invitation button the user's status will change to "Pending Registration" and a copy of the one time use registration link will be available in the user's detail pane beside the label "User Invitation" (see image below), you can copy this link and send to the user via text or instant message if they are having difficulty receiving emails.


Note: AuditDashboard automatically tracks a users registration status as either (i) Pending invitation - signifying an invitation has yet to be sent (ii) Pending Registration - signifying that an invitation has been sent but registration has not been complete yet and (iii) Confirmed - signifying that the user has registered and logged.

AuditDashboard uses industry standard services to send emails to all users in a secure and reliable fashion.  However, even with industry standard tools and best practices email deliverability is still not guaranteed due to IT policies, and the nature of SPAM filters.  We encourage all professional users and their clients to add "@auditdashboard.com" to their domain white lists to ensure email deliverability as well as always checking their junk mail and selecting "Not Junk" if anything from @auditdashboard.com arrives. 

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