Understanding Domain (System) Roles & Permissions: Clients

There are two types of roles and permissions in AuditDashboard.

  1. Domain (i.e. System) Roles and Permissions.
  2. Engagement Roles and Permissions.

This article will deal with Domain (i.e. System) Roles and Permissions for Clients for which there are three defined roles.


General (default) - basic system access.

  • General users can access AuditDashboard and respond to requests for engagements they are a part of. 

File Access - basic system access with access to the Static File Portal feature.

  • Note: While general (with no file portal access) is the default setting for new client users you may want to provide them with the File Access role.  The File Access role is only available if the Static File Portal feature has been enabled, and allows client users limited access to upload and retrieve files.

Staff Manager (not recommended) – (staff manager box checked) – can add, remove, activate, deactivate and notify other client contacts at the client company (i.e. If a controller were provided staff manager access, they could add colleagues to AuditDashboard, send them registration notifications, assign roles and activate or deactivate their account.

IMPORTANT - Remember, even though a client can add and remove their staff from AuditDashboard they can not add/remove them from the engagement. For security purposes, this is always the responsibility of the Professional "Client Manager". Click here for more on Professional access rights.

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