Uploading a Request List from a Template

You can add requests to an engagement in AuditDashboard by uploading a template [1], or importing requests from an existing engagement [2]

To begin, click the Upload Requests button mceclip0.png located in the top right corner of the engagement request list. The pop-out displayed below will appear.



To upload a request list using the pre-formatted AuditDashboard template:

  1. Download the request list template in Excel format by clicking "this template" in box 1 below.
  2. Complete the template. Be sure to review the ReadMe tab for best practices and tips on effectively formatting a request list. 
  3. Upload it by clicking the Upload Request List button and uploading the file.


To import requests from an existing engagement:

  1. Select the engagement using the dropdown as shown in box 2 above. The engagements which appear in this list will vary based on your access permissions and firm's global settings.
  2. Click Import Existing Request List. 
  3. The requests will be imported from the selected engagement, with the Title, Reference, and Description of each request. All other information, including comments, attached files, and activity history are not copied.


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