Uploading a Template

Follow these instructions to upload a template.

1. Click the "Upload Requests" button  located in the top right corner of the engagement.

2. The following pop-out will appear. Download the template by clicking "this template".

3. Format the template offline then click "Upload Request List" to find the saved template on your computer and upload the request list into AuditDashboard.

Users are encouraged to use the following format:

Title: Brief description
(50 character max)                                                

We suggest one or two words that indicates what you are looking for.  

For example: detailed listing, general ledger, sample, bank confirmation, etc  

​Reference: A reference
(50 character max)                      

We suggest one or two words to indicate what part of the engagement you are working on.

For example: cash, financial statements, general, accounts payable etc.

Description: A detailed description                                                                         

Here is where you want to provide a detailed description of the item(s) you are looking for.

For example: Please provide bank reconciliations for accounts 456876 for the entire year (Jan though Dec).



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