Uploading files to AuditDashboard

AuditDashboard limits the size of uploaded files to 1 Gigabyte (GB) per file
No individual file can be larger than that.  If you have a file larger than 1GB you can add it to a compressed folder to see if that can compress it.  If not please contact AuditDashboard and we can modify your file size limits to accommodate large file transfers. 


AuditDashboard does not limit what kind of files you can upload. 
Users can upload any type of file including Word, Excel, PDF, all image types, all database types, QuickBooks files, CaseWare files, flat files, and anything that can be saved and read on a computer.   


AuditDashboard also allows multiple file uploads. 
This means you can upload a bunch of files at once and it will queue them and upload them in order.  You can view the status of the uploads in the notification window in the top right-hand corner of AuditDashboard.   

Sometimes when uploading large files, it may be interrupted by issues that are outside of our control. If uploading files is proving to be difficult try one file at a time. If this does not work, try a different browser, or check your internet connection.  Also, be sure that the file you are attempting to upload exists on the computer you are uploading from.  Sometimes files reside on network-attached storage devices which are not truly on the uploader’s computer.  In those cases copy the file to your local desktop first, then upload it to AuditDashboard from there.

The rule of thumb is that if some files are uploading well, but some are not the problem likely lies in the file itself.  Is it corrupted? Can you open it?  Does the filename have any non-standard characters (not letters or numbers), extra spaces, or periods in it?  If so try renaming the file and re-uploading again. 

As always, if you experience any issues uploading files please email us at support@auditdashboard.com and we will be happy to help. 


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