Permanently delete the trash

This functionality is limited to professionals who are designated as Administrators.

There are two ways to permanently delete the trash:

  1. Manually; or
  2. Automatically

Permanently deleting the trash manually:

To permanently delete the trash, navigate to Trash, select the Type of Trash you would like to Permanently delete (eg. Engagements, Requests, Request Documents, Signatures, or Files).


For example, if you would like to delete Engagements that are older than 60 days, select "Engagements", Filter Trash that is older than 60 days, and click the Permanently Delete icon.


To confirm that nothing is accidentally deleted permanently, you'll be prompted to confirm by typing "delete" before pressing "Confirm".


Remember, once information is permanently deleted, it is permanently deleted. So, be sure to confirm that access to the information you are deleting is no longer required.

Permanently deleting the trash automatically

If you would like your trash to be permanently deleted automatically, every X days, let us know and we can help you ensure your dashboard is configured to do so.

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