Client Users and Adding / Editing Companies

Client Users may be associated with multiple Client Companies. This means that a Client User can belong to one or more client companies and participate in Engagements associated with each company.

Client Companies and Advanced Permissions

When viewing user details about a Client User you will see a new button below their role assignment labeled "Add Client Company".  If the user is already a member of other client companies you may see a listing of those Client Companies under the header: "Access Rights".

When adding a new company to a user you may elect to customize their role/access rights for the new company. Users can have downgraded or upgraded roles for individual companies such (ie. General User's globally can be given Staff Manager access for a specific Client Company).

Note the company the user was registered with is considered the "Main" company they are associated with and those roles are governed by the "Roles" section above "Access Rights".


To Add a Client Company to a User

  1. Press "Add Client Company" 
  2. Select the company you want to add the user to from the drop down (If you don't see the Company, create it in the "Clients" first).
  3. Optionally, select a role or roles for the user within the context of that company.  This will apply only to the selected company.
  4. Press OK & Close

To Edit or Delete a Client Company from a User

  1. Click on the company name under the "Access Rights" header.
  2. From the window that opens you can add or remove roles by selecting or deselecting them, or you can remove the user's association to the company by pressing Delete.
  3. To change roles select or deselect the role and press OK & Close.
  4. To delete the user's association with the client company press Delete and Confirm the action on the subsequent screen. 

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