User and Client Management FAQ

The FAQ below answers various questions about AuditDashboard's User and Client Management features.  If you require further information or have additional questions please contact us at 


Q: What types of users are there in AuditDashboard? 

A: AuditDashboard features two types of users.  Professional Users, and External Users.  Professional Users are the firm's staff members that conduct professional services.  External Users are the firm's client's team members who are invited to AuditDashboard by the professional to participate in an engagement.  


Q: How is licensing impacted by users? 

A: AuditDashboard's licenses are consumed only when a professional user is added to the AuditDashboard portal and can be reclaimed when they are deactivated.  External Users are always free to add to AuditDashboard. 


Q: Can users share a login? 

A: As a point of security and accountability AuditDashboard recommends you never share your username and password.  Professional admin's can easily deactivate users, and free up a professional license to assign to another user if necessary. Please see this article to learn more about deactivating and reactivating users. 


Q: How can I invite a user to AuditDashboard? 

A: Professional users and external users can be added via the same method.  Simply navigate to the Users section, and press the plus button in the toolbar on the right.  This will bring up the New User form.  Fill out all pertinent information, being careful to ensure the user's email address is correct, and save the record.  

This creates a new record but does not invite the user.  For security reasons, you must manually trigger the invite email which will invite the user to create a password and join AuditDashboard.  The Send Email button is on the left side of the toolbar (it looks like an envelope) and is accessible once you have selected the newly created user record. 



Q: What should I do if my client didn't receive the registration email? 

In most cases, your client should receive the system-generated registration email however it is important to note what do to in the rare case that it gets trapped in their spam filter or firewall.  If the user does not receive the email within a few minutes ask them to do the following: 

  • Check their spam folder.
  • add to their safe sender list and then re-trigger the email again.
  • If registering is urgent, you may want to send the registration link manually but remember, it's still important that your client add to their safe list to ensure they benefit from receiving system-generated emails.

You can also send a registration link manually.  Please read this article for information on how to do that.


Q: How can I remove a user from AuditDashboard? 

A: Removing a user from AuditDashboard is an easy process.  Simply navigate to the Users section, highlight the user record you want to deactivate, and press the deactivate button in the toolbar which looks like this. mceclip1.png This action will immediately disable the user from being able to access AuditDashboard.  The only way to reactivate them is to press the reactivate button which looks like a checkmark mceclip2.png.


Q: Can a user be assigned to more than one client company? 

A: Yes, users can belong to one or more client companies.  You can add an existing user to an additional company by visiting the Users section, finding the user record, and viewing its details.  You can select the "Add Client Company" button In the "Access Rights" section of a client user's details.



Q: Can I enforce a specific login method for a client company? 

A: Yes.  Just like the professional firm, specific client companies can have their login experience set up to only use one method, such as Active Directory or Google G-Suite authentication.   





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