Login and Registration FAQ

The FAQ below answers various questions about how to register and log in to AuditDashboard.  If you require further information or have additional questions please contact us at: support@auditdashboard.com 


Q: My account has been locked, what can I do? 

A: Account locking occurs after several consecutive failed password attempts, or if the user has not logged into AuditDashboard in a long time.  If this happens you will see a message that states your account has been locked out.  The only way to unlock it is to click the Forgot password? link on your client portal to reset it.  


  1. Click on Forgot password.
  2. Enter the email address you use to log into AuditDashboard.
  3. Press "Reset My Password". 

Within a couple minutes, you will receive an email with a one-time use code which you can use to create a new password for AuditDashboard. Be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder.


Q: I can not remember my password; how do I fix this? 

A: No problem.  You can easily reset it yourself.  Please note that AuditDashboard staff CAN NOT recover a password for you.  As a security design measure, we do not store passwords in any format that can be read or decrypted by anyone.  If you have forgotten your password the only thing you can do is use the forgot password process that is accessible from the portal login page. 


Q: I can not remember, or do not have access to, my username or old email address.

A:  In AuditDashboard your email address is always your username.  If you do not have access to the email address which you were originally set up under then you will have to contact the Firm Professional who set you up in AuditDashboard and have them re-invite you to the portal under your new email address.   

Please note: AuditDashboard staff can not invite any users to any portals or grant access to specific engagements. Only your professional service team can do that.


Q: I did not receive the registration email.  What do I do? 

A: If you did not receive a registration email please connect with your Firm Professional and ask them to send you the invite email.  This process is manual and needs to be triggered by the Firm Professional setting up the new users. It can often be the case that this was not sent as expected.  If it was sent then you should check your junk mail or spam folder, and ensure you add @auditdashboard.com to your safe sender's list. 

If none of this works, you can ask the Firm Professional to manually send the registration link by viewing this article or you can email us at support@auditdashboard.com. 


Q: I do not see anywhere I can input my username or password.  What do I do? 

A: Many customers of AuditDashboard choose to integrate to their corporate identity and access management (IAM) systems for additional security around their login experience.  If you see a login screen that looks somewhat like the one below, it simply means that the Firm employees are to use their corporate accounts (Microsoft or Google Workspace) to log in to the portal.  Simply press the "Employee Login" button and you will be redirected to your corporate sign-in experience.   



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