Notifications and Workflow FAQ

The FAQ below answers various questions about how notifications work in AuditDashboard.  If you have additional questions please contact us at 


Q: What kind of notifications can AuditDashboard send me? 

A: AuditDashboard has two types of notifications: Engagement Metric Summaries; which can be sent daily or weekly, and Instant Request Notifications; which are sent when the request action is applied. 

Engagement Metric Summaries are sent daily or weekly and break down the status of requests assigned to the receiving party.  

Instant request notifications, when subscribed, can instantly notify a professional or client user of specific events or actions taken against the Engagement's request list.  

Visit this article to learn more about notifications and how to configure them. 

Q: Who receives the Instant Notifications for a request?

A: Each request can have a Firm and a Client user assigned to it. These users will receive Instant Notifications when documents are uploaded, comments are added, and can optionally also be notified when the request status changes, or when they are assigned to additional requests. 

When a request does not have a Firm or Client user assigned, all members on the engagement will receive Instant Notifications

Q: How will I know there is something that requires my attention in AuditDashboard? 

A: When you log into AuditDashboard your dashboard view can show you requests that require your attention.  Additionally, requests that require your attention within an engagement appear as bold line items until you view them.  Much like your email inbox would bold unread items.  Finally, AuditDashboard has instant request-based notifications which you can turn on to receive email-based notifications. 


Q: I am getting too many emails from AuditDashboard.  How can I stop them? 

A: If you feel you are getting too many email notifications you can always customize what you want to receive.  To do so,  log into AuditDashboard and press the Settings Gear icon mceclip0.png in the top right corner of the portal.  From there you can select which type of notifications you wish to receive, and for what engagements. 


Q: The status of a request changes from outstanding to submitted when I upload a file.  Why? 

A: Research has shown that client users often only need to engage with an outstanding request once to upload one or more files or provide brief commentary on the request.  Due to this, AuditDashboard automatically submits the request back to the professional when a document is uploaded.  At any point, the client user can re-open the request to return it to an outstanding state. 



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