Glossary of Terms


Activity Feed: The feed of information relating to an engagement and its requests.  Activity feeds can be reviewed from individual requests, and from the dashboard's "My Engagements" widget.


Client: A client company entity.  Firms create client companies in AuditDashboard, and base engagements off these companies.  Only client users of these companies can access the client company's engagements, and only if they have been explicitly invited.  Read our FAQ on user and client management here.


Client User: A client of the firm who is being invited to work on one or more engagements with the firm professionals.  A client will work for a company that is being engaged in professional services with the firm. 


Comment: Also known as a "Request Comment" this is simply any comment added by either a professional or client user to a specific request.  Comments can be used to add context, ask, or clarify a question from the other party. 


Company: A company in AuditDashboard.  Companies can have divisions and offices.  Users are assigned to one or more companies.  Please read this article to learn more.


Dashboard: Also known as the "Dashboard Screen".  The main landing screen for professionals and clients in AuditDashboard.  The Dashboard summarizes the status of each of your active engagements and highlights any outstanding requests you may have.  Please read this article to learn more.


Engagement: An engagement is the heart of AuditDashboard.  An engagement represents a specific professional service contract between a firm and its client.  This could be an annual audit, for example. 


Engagement Summary Notifications: A daily or weekly customized summary of active engagements you are a part of. 


Engagement Request List: A dynamic collection of requests in an engagement.  Often referred to as a PBC or "Prepared by Client List", or the "Request List".  Creating and maintaining efficient request lists is at the heart of AuditDashboard.  Read this article to learn more.


Help Center: The AuditDashboard Help Center located at A one-stop location for self-service help, tutorials, and a place to submit a support ticket. 


Portal: Referring to the specific client portal you have access to.  Such as "".  Every professional firm has their own portal, and they invite their employees and customers to that portal.


Professional User: Also known as a Firm User, or someone who works for the company licensing AuditDashboard and maintaining the portal.  A firm invites their clients to participate in engagements in AuditDashboard. 


Request: An individual request for information.  A request has several pieces of meta-information, or details: Title, Reference, Firm User, and Client User, Due Date, Description, Modified Date.  Read this article to learn more.


Request Document: Also known as a file upload, attachment, or request file.  This is simply any file uploaded and associated with a specific request.  Read this article to learn more. 


Request Notifications: The workflow-based notifications around a request.  When a document is uploaded, when a comment is added when the status of a request has changed, and when a request is assigned to me.






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