Single Sign On (SSO)

AuditDashboard offers Single Sign On configuration for firms and client companies to strengthen security, eliminate password fatigue, and improve the overall user experience



Single sign on affords firms the choice to use their Microsoft Active Directory or Google G-Suite backed corporate logins to access AuditDashboard.  As well, clients who have similar corporate configurations can also use their corporate, O365, or G-Suite to access AuditDashboard.  The only requirement is the email address registered with AuditDashboard is the same as the user's Microsoft or Google account.  

By implementing Single Sign On firms can enforce a standardized method of accessing AuditDashboard as they do for other systems in the firm.  This pushes the security and authentication functions back to the firm's IT team which is generally the most secure method of controlling user access.  


Benefits of using SSO Firmwide:

  • Deactivating a firm's corporate login will immediately prevent them from accessing AuditDashboard. 
  • If a firm has Multi-factor or 2-Factor Authentication enabled, that will be enforced for the login to AuditDashboard. 
  • A firm's password retention policies are enforced for the login to AuditDashboard. 


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