Requests and Request Documents FAQ

The FAQ below answers various questions about how to work with Requests and Documents in Engagements. If you require further information or have additional questions please contact us at 


Q: How can I download all files in an engagement? 

A: To download all files, select all the requests in an engagement, and press the "Download Documents" button in the toolbar.  mceclip0.png 
Please note that some roles do not have access to this feature.


Q: How can I upload files to a request?

A: You can drag and drop one or more files to any request line item or the request details pane.  Alternatively, if you select a request and view its details you will see an upload button that can be pressed to select one or more files.  Please note that you can upload as many files as you need to each request.   See this help article to learn more about fulfilling a request.


Q: What kind of files can I upload to AuditDashboard? 

A:  AuditDashboard accepts any file type as long as it is a valid file that exists on your computer.  Office documents, images, text files, accounting files, database files, compressed files, and even executables are allowed to be uploaded to AuditDashboard.  Please read this article for more information.


Q: What is the file size limit on uploads? 

A: Each file uploaded can be a maximum of 1GB (Gigabyte).   If your firm requires larger individual file sizes please email  Please read this article for more information.


Q: How many files can I upload at once? 

A: You can upload as many files as you wish at once.  They will all be queued and uploaded in order.  The notifications section in the top right corner will inform you of the status of each file's upload.  Please read this article for more information.


Q: Can I upload the same file to the same request? 

A: Yes, AuditDashboard tracks each and every upload.  If a file is uploaded to a request that has the same name as an existing file, then the file version is saved and the file can be reverted to a previous version if necessary.  To see each version of a file attached to a request navigate to the request and press the "Files and Documents" button in the request details.  This will show you individual files and their associated versions. 




Q: I Have uploaded an incorrect file.  Can I delete it? 

A: Yes, you can delete the file you've uploaded if you wish.  Or you can simply re-upload the newer file to the same request.  Each request can handle an unlimited number of file attachments.  And if you upload an incorrect file you can simply delete it, or re-upload a newer file.  If the files are the same name then they will create multiple versions which can be tracked.  Read this article to learn about deleting a file or document from a request.


Q: How do I filter my request view? 

A: You can sort and filter your request list in a few different ways.  The filter bar across the top allows a user to quickly toggle between the different request states: Outstanding, Returned, Submitted, Accepted, as well as being able to quickly see any requests "Assigned To Me" or considered overdue. 


The search bar that exists in the top right of AuditDashboard can immediately filter the request list to any word contained on the page.  For example, searching "cash" can instantly filter the request list to all cash Referenced requests, or items with cash in the title. 


Please review this article to learn more about Searching, Sorting, and Filtering


Q: Can I download the request list to reuse at a later time? 

A: Yes, you can download the entire request list by selecting the "Download Request List" button that exists in the upper right corner of the Engagement's view mceclip3.png.  Doing this will provide you an Excel-based download with all the requests. 





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