Re-Opening an Engagement

After an engagement has been marked Complete, and users wish to access the requests, comments, or documents within, you can re-open the engagement by changing its status to Reopened. 

A re-opened engagement is read-only, and notifications will no longer be sent for weekly/daily summaries. 


Re-opening a previously completed Engagement:

  • Allows professionals or clients to revisit the requests, comments, and documents, and files.
  • Allows for the downloading of activity, history, all documents, and request lists.
  • Enables a professional user to duplicate, or roll forward a request list.

To re-open a previously completed engagement follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Engagements -> All Engagements 
  2. Search for and select the engagement you wish to re-open, then click the Edit (pencil) icon to bring up the Edit Engagement pane:
  3. Change the status from Complete to Reopened
  4. Remove any existing users, if necessary (Tip: Remove client users if you plan on having this open for internal review)
  5. Save and Close 

An engagement that has been reopened will have the word "Reopened" added to the end of its Title for easy reference. 

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