Re-Opening an Engagement

When you have a completed engagement and wish to access the requests, comments, or documents within you can re-open the engagement by changing its status to "Reopened" from "Complete". 

A re-opened engagement will not have notifications sent for actions such as documents uploaded, comments, etc. 

Re-opening a previously completed Engagement

  • Allows professionals or clients to revisit the requests, comments, and documents, and files.
  • Allows for the editing of requests, the addition of comments, etc. If permission levels permit.  
  • Allows for the downloading of activity, history, all documents, and request lists.
  • Enables a professional user to duplicate, or roll forward a request list.
  • Tip: Remove client users if you plan on having this open for internal review.

To re-open a previously completed engagement follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Engagements -> All Engagements 
  2. Search and select the engagement you wish to re-open
  3. Change the status from "Completed" to "Reopened"
  4. Remove any existing users, if necessary
  5. Save and Close 


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