Viewing Engagement Activity Information

AuditDashboard tracks all changes to engagements, requests, and documents in activity and history feeds. 

Reviewing Activity for an Engagement

Activity Feeds can be reviewed for any active engagement by navigating to the "My Engagements" widget on the dashboard screen and pressing the "Activity" button that appears when moving your mouse over an engagement name.  


The activity feed will be displayed in a modal window.  It is organized from most recent activity on top to older activity below.  This list covers all request and document creations and modifications for the entire engagement.



Reviewing Activity of Individual Requests

To examine or download activity feed info for a specific request you can navigate to the request itself and view the request details.  To download a summary of all uploaded documents and comments select "Download Activity List" from the activity feed.   The contents of the activity list will be downloaded as an Excel file. 


To download the request comments, document uploads, and change history navigate to the History tab of the request details and click "Download Activity History".   The contents of the Activity History will be downloaded as an Excel file. 


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