Editing Engagements

Users with sufficient permissions can edit new or in-progress engagements. You can do this by clicking on the edit icon from the side navigation, or from the toolbar in the “All engagements” view.



The Edit Engagement icon is a pencil. 

Editing the engagement will allow you to change the following details:

  • Status
  • Title
  • ID
  • Type
  • Period
  • Year
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Engagement Owner

Additionally, professional and client users can be added or removed to the engagement by clicking on the "Professionals” or “Clients” tabs. You can add users by typing an email address in the user search box and pressing the “Add User” button.



Once a user has been added to the engagement they will be visible in a list below the search box, and will have a drop down list where their role can be assigned.  


You can remove any user from the engagement by pressing the trash can icon beside the user's name. 


Once you have selected the users to include in the engagement click SAVE to save your changes or press CANCEL to close without saving.

New users added to the engagement will be notified of this addition via email if they have engagement notifications turned on. 





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