Preparing and Sending Documents for Signing

Before sending a document to be signed you have to specify where each user has to sign the document.  This is called decorating the document.  All documents must be decorated with at least one signature field per recipient before the documents can be sent.  You can save the decorator state and come back to finish it later.

Depending on the size of the document, the decorator experience may take a few seconds to load. Larger documents will take longer to generate previews for each page of the document and store them.

Decorator Features

In the decorator experience you can: 

  • Add Signature, Name, Signing Date, or Initial fields to any page of your uploaded document. 
  • Change the signers.
  • Remove or move any placed fields.
  • Clear all fields off the document.
  • Save and leave the decorator experience.
  • Save and send the document for signing.

Once in the decorator experience, you can not change or modify the document to be signed.  If you have uploaded or selected the wrong document, close the decorator, delete the signature request and start over.  If the signature request was based on a request document from an engagement it will NOT delete the requested document out of the engagement.  It will simply delete the signature request for that document.  The document will still exist and you can create a new signature request from it by finding it in the request list.


The Decorator Experience

Use the decorator experience to add fields to the document for signature for each recipient.

The decorator experience has thumbnail and page-by-page navigation on the right-hand side and all controls are done through drag and drop from the toolbar on the left-hand side.  


Decorating your document

  1. Select the relevant signer from the drop-down in the upper left.
  2. Drag and drop any of the available fields (in blue) onto the page and place them in the location you wish them to be placed.
  3. Resize and move the fields around if necessary.
  4. Remove the fields if necessary.

Once you're ready, click "Preview and Send", and optionally add a custom message to personalize your request before clicking Send.

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