Responding to Requests

As a professional user, you can respond to submitted requests by accepting them or returning them to the client user who submitted the request information.

When a client user uploads information to a request, the status automatically updates from Outstanding to Submitted. After the firm professional evaluates the document(s), they will either mark the request as Accepted or they can add a comment indicating what action is required before the request can be accepted. When a firm professional leaves a comment, the request becomes Bold indicating that the status has changed to unread. Bold is also used to differentiate new and modified requests.


A firm user can press the green icon to Accept a submitted request, or the red icon to return a request back to the submitting user.  It is recommended that if a request is returned a comment is added to the request explaining why it was returned, and not accepted. This will ensure the client user who submitted the request has a clear understanding of what they need to do to ensure this request can be accepted. 


A professional user can also accept or return multiple items by multi-selecting rows in the request list and pressing the corresponding icons in the toolbar above the request list.  If multiple items are selected the professional user will have to confirm their actions, to ensure this is not being done by mistake. 



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