Enforcing Consistency When Creating Engagements

When creating or duplicating a new engagement a user has to only select the client and enter a title to create and save the engagement.  All other fields are optional by default.   

Firms can now choose to enforce consistency when creating engagements by enforcing required field and format validators on Engagements in AuditDashboard.  Enabling these validators can allow a firm to enforce a specific set of rules on how Engagements should be created. 


Customization options are as follows:

  • The following fields can be made to be required: ID, Type, Period, Year, Owner, Start Date, Due Date.
  • The following fields can be changed into dropdowns: ID, Type, Period
  • The following fields can have custom format validation (e.g. all numbers, or specific alpha-numeric formatting (e.g. abc123.1234): ID, Type, Period
  • The following fields can be made read-only after creation (i.e. they can be input at the time of engagement creation, but are subsequently not editable): ID, Type, Period

For example, the ID field can be required and enforced to only accept numbers, or only accept 6 letters that must start with an "A". 

The type field can be changed from a text input to a drop-down with a pre-set amount of options to choose from.   

The data is validated against the rules when the form is submitted and if the input does not match the user is presented with an error, preventing them from saving the form until they correct it. 

If you want to implement Engagement Field Validation in your portal please contact your customer success team or email support@auditdashboard.com.


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