Create a New Request

To add a request to an engagement, start by clicking the + button at the top right:



This will bring up the New Request pane:



Complete the Request details by filling out the fields as follows:

  1. Title: a brief description of the request (limited to 50 characters)
  2. Reference: a few words describing the part or section of the engagement (limited to 50 characters)
  3. Description: a detailed explanation of the information requested
  4. Due Date: the due date for the request
  5. Client User: the client team member assigned to this task (selected from a dropdown of users)
  6. Firm User: the firm team member assigned to this request (selected from a dropdown of users)
  7. (Optional) Mark request as high importance: adds a High Importance flag to the item
  8. (Optional) Do not roll forward: tags the item as relevant to this period's engagement only
  9. (Optional) Restrict Request: checking this item will bring up a list of all users in the engagement, and allows you to restrict the restrict the request to one or more users.

You can also opt to attach a file (a sample document to provide to the client, for example) using the Upload Files button - or simply drag and drop a file onto the New Request pane. 

Once you have finished creating the request, you can either return to the request list (OK & Close) or create another request (OK & New).

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