Intro to Secure Year-Round File Sharing

Secure File Sharing is a fully integrated add-on that allows firm users to securely send or receive one-off files before or after an engagement.

Sending a private file as email attachments can put your client’s security at risk. By sharing a private link, you can send anything to anyone. Unlike email, you can set when access expires to achieve maximum security and never be limited by file size.

With Secure File Sharing, you can:

  1. Create, name, organize and delete private folders and subfolders.
  2. Enable, disable, or regenerate a private upload link to folders that anyone you share the link with can use to send you files.
  3. Drag and drop one or multiple files to upload, download one or multiple files, create signature requests, and move files into an engagement, as required.
  4. Enable, disable, or regenerate a temporary private download link for a file that anyone with whom you share the link can use to download and access the file.

Let’s dive into the details.

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The Interface

To get to Secure Year-round File Sharing, click Files on the left-hand navigation menu. If you don't see Files as an option, it may be because you don’t have access yet. To get access, contact your firm's AuditDashboard administrator.

Firm professionals that have been using AuditDashboard for some time will find the interface familiar.


Along the left side [1] is a list of all your folders. Create, rename, organize, and delete folders and subfolders here. Use the [+] and [-] buttons to expand and collapse the folders for easy navigation. You can also search within the folders for files using the Search Folders field. 

The files contained within a folder are listed in the main section [2] and can be sorted by Name, Type, Size, and so on by clicking on the column headers.

Selecting an item invokes the details pane [3] on the right-hand side. The details pane contains information for the selected folder or file and provides options to enable sharing and set an expiry date for the shared link.


Creating Folders and Folder Management

By default, your account likely has one File Cabinet, called "My Files", with two folders preloaded. The first is “Inbox,” and the second is “New Folder 1”.

You may also have additional Cabinets, such as Firm Cabinets and Company Cabinets. For more details on these, please contact your firm's AuditDashboard administrator. 

To create a new folder, click the mceclip0.png icon in the left pane.  To edit a folder name, use the pencil icon.

At any time, you can drag and move folders to rearrange the order and drop a folder onto another to create a nested subfolder. This makes it easy to keep files organized.

Select the folder and click the trash icon to move a folder and all of its contents to the trash.


Uploading Files

There are two ways that you can upload files into your folders:

  1. Click the Upload icon upload_icon.png and browse for the file(s) on your local system
  2. Drag and drop file(s) onto the file list


Add File(s) to an Engagement

Select the file(s) you would like to add to an existing engagement and click the Send to Engagement icon engagement_icon.png . You will be prompted to select the Engagement and the specific Request you would like to add these files to.

This will copy the file(s) to the engagement, and a duplicate will remain in My Files.


Create a Signature Request

Select the file(s) you would like to get signed and click the Send for Signature icon signature_icon.png . You will be prompted to select the client and add the signatories' email address(es). Once you click Submit, a copy of the file will be sent to the Signatures tab, where you will be able to proceed with decorating and sending the document to be signed.


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