Managing Files

With AuditDashboard's secure year-round file sharing portal, you can easily move files into an engagement and set automatic deletion periods for files and folders.


Send a File to an Engagement

To move a file into an engagement, select the file and click the Send to Engagement icon, shown below:


You will then be presented with the option of which Engagement and Request that you would like to copy the file to. The original file stays in place, and a copy is made and placed into the Engagement. 


Automatically Delete a File

To set an automatic deletion period for a file, select the file, and click the Timer mceclip1.png icon at the top. This will give you the option of setting a specific time period after which the file will be automatically moved to the Trash. 

Some organizations will have pre-set deletion periods for Files. To modify or apply automated File retention policies, contact your AuditDashboard administrator. 

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