Downloading Files

Downloading files in AuditDashboard can be done per request, and per engagement.

The files will be saved on your computer, in the location defined in your browser settings (usually the "Downloads" folder on your PC). 


Downloading Files in a Request

There are several ways to download files in AuditDashboard. To download one or more files attached to a request, simply click the file icon at the far right of the request list (indicated 1 in the screenshot below). 

This will give you a list of all files attached to that request. Click an individual file to download a single file, or click Download All Files to receive a ZIP file containing all attached files. 

Alternatively, you can browse to the Files and Documents tab of the Details pane, on the right-hand side of the request list (indicated 2 in the screenshot), and click the individual filename. You can also opt to download a ZIP file with all attached documents by clicking Download All Files & Documents.





The AuditDashboard platform creates versions for documents with the same filename that are uploaded to the same request. All versions of the document are saved, and by clicking the + icon, previous versions are available to download. 




All Files in an Engagement

To download all files in an engagement, first select all the requests in the engagement using the checkbox in the column heading (1). Then click the Download Documents icon mceclip3.png in the top row (2).


You will be presented with options for grouping documents in the ZIP file:

  • By request title: a folder will be created for each Title in the engagement
  • By request reference: folders will be created for each Reference in the engagement
  • By request reference, then title: a folder will be created for each Reference, with sub-folders for each Title



You also have the option of downloading the Request Activity alongside each request. Selecting this checkbox will provide an additional Excel sheet per request, with all request activity listed, including comments and request modifications.

Click Download to download the ZIP file. 




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