The "My Service Team" Dashboard Widget


We are making it easier for your clients to see who is working on their engagement(s), so they can contact you with questions about your services and their engagement(s) in just one click.



Something funny happened a couple of years ago when a few clients started contacting our support team with questions about their engagement. It made us realize how your clients think about their experience with AuditDashboard synonymously with your team and the services you provide as a firm. This is a huge honour for us, and what we’re excited to do with the My Team Widget is highlight you and your team each time your clients view their dashboard. We want to put you on their Dashboard and make it easier for them to contact you with questions about your services or their engagement(s).


How Does It Work?

When Clients log in, they will see a new widget on their dashboard called My Service Team

The widget includes the following information, if available:

  • Name (with a link to your email)
  • *Title
  • *Location
  • *Office Phone Number
  • *Mobile Phone Number


This information comes from a Firm Professional User's profile, viewed by clicking this icon mceclip0.png in the upper right-hand corner when signed into the platform.


This information is not required by any means, so each Firm Professional User can decide how much information they're comfortable sharing on their client’s Dashboard.

For example, the easiest way not to show a phone number or location is for a user to remove it from their profile.

If you do not want clients to see your contact details on their dashboard, check the box to opt out.

Alternatively, Administrators can toggle a switch to opt-out (Shared // Do Not Share) on their user's behalf.


If all active users who are a part of an engagement select, "I do not want my information shown," the widget disappears from the client's dashboard. Similarly, if all users at a firm select "Do not show," the widget will not appear on any client's dashboard.

The other place where this information appears is in Get Help, to highlight the appropriate Professional Service Team Members when client users have questions about their engagement so they can get in touch with you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Action Item

Review your profile to make sure your information is up to date.

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