Electronic Signatures FAQ

Q: How can I create a document that can be signed electronically? 

A: Professional users can create an e-Signature Request by uploading a document to the Signatures section of AuditDashboard, or select any existing request file by navigating to the Files and Documents section of a specific request and selecting the "Sign Document" icon beside the version. 



Q: What types of documents can be signed? 

A: As you can imagine, standard office documents are the most common types of files to sign.  Currently, AuditDashboard allows the following file types to be digitally signed: .doc,.docx,.pdf,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.png.  Regardless of what file type is uploaded, all signed files are saved as PDF documents.


Q: What is the file size limit e-Signature Requests?

A: Each document to be signed can be a maximum of 50 Megabytes (MB) maximum. 


Q: The recipient did not get the signing notification.  What can I do? 

A:  Ensure they check their spam folder and add @auditdashboard.com to their safe list.


Q: What happens if the recipient does not sign the document? 

A: The recipient may choose to ignore or formally decline to sign the document. You can delete the e-Signature Request from AuditDashboard.  Document signers can not be changed once the document has been sent out for signature.  You can always create a new signing request for the same document.


Q: How Secure are digital signatures? 

A: AuditDashboard has partnered with signNow, an industry leader in digital signing solutions.  Together our platform integration is eIDAS compliant.  SignNow complies with Section 4 – Electronic Signatures, Article 25, and Section 4 - Electronic Signatures, Article 26.

Like AuditDashboard, signNow is SOC 2 Type II compliant.


Q: Can I delete signature files? 

A: You can delete any signature request except completed ones.  Deleting a signature request immediately terminates the e-Signature request link and removes the file from the Signatures section of AuditDashboard. To comply with laws and regulations, completed e-signed documents must be retained in the system for an auditable record of signing.

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