Lesson 3: Search, Sort & Filter

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As mentioned in Lesson 2, AuditDashboard includes sorting and filtering capabilities to streamline your workflows and help you get your work done faster.

You can Search keywords using the global search bar in the top right-hand corner to find the request(s) you are looking for.  Search immediately filters visible content on the request list and can provide immediate feedback to users.  

You can Sort by clicking the header Title, Reference, Client User, Firm User, Due Date, Modified, Status, or the number of attachments column (shown as a paper clip) to easily find the request(s) you’re looking for.



Filter to view Outstanding Requests, Returned Requests, Submitted Requests, Accepted Requests, Requests Assigned to Me, Overdue, and Flagged requests to easily find the request(s) you’re looking for.

If you do not see any requests in your view, ensure that at least one of the filter options is selected, or press "Show All". 

All rows in the engagement list can be multi-selected by using SHIFT or CTRL keys and selecting individual rows.  This can be used to apply bulk changes to Users, Due Dates, or flags for example.

By utilizing these search, sort, and filter methods along with a request list you can easily find and address individual requests or groups of requests, streamlining your work and minimizing the time spent gathering information. 


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