AuditDashboard's Security Statement

AuditDashboard Inc. (AuditDashboard) facilitates collaboration and communication of
knowledge, information sharing and document management in real time. AuditDashboard
is available to customers and other end-users via the Internet.

AuditDashboard uses industry accepted security systems to protect both the integrity of
customer data and guard it against service disruptions.

As a trusted service provider AuditDashboard’s management team accepts responsibility for
establishing, monitoring and implementing robust security controls that prevent and detect
security breaches.

Audit Dashboard's security position is comprised of the following features.  You can read more about our Trust and Security program at the AuditDashboard Trust Center.  If you have any questions about what you've read here, feel free to email us at


End to End Encryption
AuditDashboard employs end to end encryption for all customer data stored in our data centers.  We use TLS 1.2 for client connections and encrypt all data at rest using Transparent Data Encryption and 256 bit AES Encryption.  Encryption at Rest is FIPS-2 Level 2 compliant.  

Security Monitoring
AuditDashboard has implemented automated and manual processes to log, inform, investigate and address security-related events in the product, underlying network, and 3rd party integrations. In addition, detailed monitoring and risk assessment procedures are in place to monitor the AuditDashboard program.

3rd Party Vulnerability Assessments
AuditDashboard completes penetration and vulnerability testing on a regular basis.  We engage industry leaders in security scanning and application security and are independently audited.

SOC 2 Type 2
AuditDashboard completes an annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit.  To learn more about our compliance programs click here.  To obtain a copy of our SOC 2 report please open a support ticket by emailing 

Standardized Software Development Life Cycle and Scripted Deployments
AuditDashboard has a defined software development life cycle that follows a standard methodology for planning, creating, testing, and delivering features and updates.  We operate on an agile release cycle and deliver new features continually throughout the year. 

Our production systems are managed through a series of automated configuration tools that ensure global consistency with our production deployments across our distributed data centers.

Security Awareness Training
AuditDashboard employees are required to complete annual security awareness training. 

Security Incident Response Policy
AuditDashboard has a published Security Incident Response Policy which can be obtained upon request by emailing 



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