Receiving Files

To receive a file, select a folder, then click the Enable Sharing button in the details pane.


Clicking the Enable Sharing button in the details pane will turn any Folder into a private upload page.

Once sharing is enabled, additional options will appear in the details pane:


Your folder named “Inbox” is shared by default.

Click “Copy Link” to retrieve your private link. Anyone you give this private address to can send you files.

You can paste this link anywhere. You may wish to temporarily share it in the body of an email, via a Microsoft Teams chat or more permanently by appending it as a link in your Email Signature (e.g. Send me files securely).

Alternatively, you may wish to send your private link via a branded system-generated email notification to your recipient(s) by clicking “Share via Email.”

When someone clicks your private link, they will be asked to provide their email address, name, and phone number (optional). This information will help you identify who uploaded the files.


Once a user has uploaded files, they will be given the option to add notes. After the upload process is complete, you will receive a notification via email. This message will include the uploader's name, the number of files uploaded, and a message from the client (if one was included).


To access the file(s), click the “Click Here to Access Your File(s)” button.


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