Sending Files

To send a file, select the item, and click the Share File button [1] in the details pane.


Next, you will be given the option to set when access to the private link expires. Default expiry times may vary by firm. If you would like to change the date this link expires, click "Modify the expiry date." 

If you would like to set default expiry times for your organization, contact your account or customer success manager.

Once sharing is enabled, additional options will appear in the details pane:


Click “Copy” to retrieve your private link. Anyone you give this private URL address to will be able to download and access the file.

Alternatively, to send the private link via a branded system-generated email notification, click “Send” and consider adding a private message.

If you want to remove the link expiry date, click "Modify the expiry date" and in the subsequent panel, click "Remove expiry date".

To disable sharing, click Disable. This removes access to that item via links you may have shared in the past. Any user who tries to go to the files via an old URL will receive an error page. Enabling Sharing again will create a new link.


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