Sending Registration and Forgotten Password Links Manually

This article is for users designated as Client Managers, or Administrators.  Some of the functionality described in this article will not be available to most user roles. 

AuditDashboard uses industry-leading mail servers run by Microsoft and SendGrid - world leaders in email hosting and delivery.  We maintain accurate DNS records that ensure emails sent from our portals are verified as coming from AuditDashboard.  However, even with these methods in place, there are instances where corporate spam or firewall rules prevent AuditDashboard emails from reaching some users.

In most cases, your client should receive system-generated registration and forgotten password emails however it is important to note what you should I do if a client doesn't receive their registration email.

In the rare case that the registration or forgot password link gets trapped in a users spam filter or firewall and you need to manually send them a link to register or reset their password:

Navigate to the Users section and search for the user who is having difficulty.  If the user has a pending invitation you will see a link like the image below.  If they have not actually been invited yet, or have already registered this link will not be here. 


If the user has requested a new password via the "Forgot Password" method from the login page they will see a label titled "Password Reset" with a link that can be copied to the user panel, like this image below.



You can copy this link and send it to the user via another method.  They'll be able to use this link to register or reset their password but it is important to remind them to add to their email safe list to ensure they benefit from receiving system-generated notifications.

Note: if a user is trying to register or reset their password and the Copy link to clipboard link does not appear, double-check that they have been sent an invite to register OR correctly completed the forgot password form.

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