Firm Divisions

Professional firms can now create divisions to represent different areas of the business, such as Tax and Audit.  Once divisions are created professional administrators can add existing firm users and clients to one or more divisions.  Once a user or client is linked to a division they can only see engagements relating to that division. 

Firm Users can belong to one or many divisions

Client Companies can belong to one or many divisions

You will select which divisions users or client companies belong to with a checkbox interface


When you create an engagement, you will select which division it will belong to. Engagements relating to that division will be visible to users and clients in that department.


If you have implemented regional Firm Offices you can also link these to divisions as well.  All users of that office will belong to the division(s) they are associated with.

To create divisions for your firm please contact AuditDashboard support at 




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