Firm Offices

Professional users designed as Administrators can create multiple firm offices to segregate access rights for employees, clients, and engagements.

Firms that have multiple firm offices enabled, will be asked to select which firm office users and engagements belongs to. Users and Engagements associated with a specific firm office are only visible to employees associated with those offices. This is a good way to create separation of concerns and limit access to engagements, as required.

When a new portal site (e.g. is created, your firm will have a default "Head Office" which represents the firm's main location or headquarters.  If a firm wishes to add additional offices they can do so from the firm office's menu option located in the main menu.  Please note only users with sufficient permissions can see this option or add firm offices.

The firm office's page shows any firm offices you have including their name, what divisions they are a part of, their address, and the number of active professional users, open engagements, and total engagements associated with that office. 

To add a firm office, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the firm office's page.
  2. Press the PLUS button in the right top corner of the page.
  3. Fill out the necessary information including office name, address, phone number, and select the division or divisions this office will be a part of.
  4. Press OK & Close to save the record.

Once you have created a firm office you can assign firm users to that office from the Users section of the AuditDashboard portal.   To assign a user to one or more firm offices follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Users section of AuditDashboard
  2. Search or select the firm user you want to assign to an office
  3. From the fly-out window find the section marked "Access Rights". Each office will be listed with a checkbox indicating if the user is a part of that office or not.
  4. Select one or more offices the user should be a part of. The change is saved immediately


To create a new engagement see this article. which explains how to create a new engagement including selecting the firm office.

To get started with offices for your firm please contact AuditDashboard support at 

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