Restoring from the Trash

Engagements, Engagement Requests, Engagement Documents, Signature Requests, and Global Files can all be deleted.  When they are deleted they appear in the trash.  Users with sufficient permissions can see the trash and restore or permanently delete these items from the Trash. 


Important: Requests and Request documents can only be restored to engagements by a user who is a member of that engagement.  Users viewing trashed requests or requests documents will not see any items for engagements they are not a part of.  


To restore an item from the trash follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to the Trash page, which is denoted with a garbage can icon in the main menu

2. Under "Type of Trash" you will see the types of items that are currently in the trash.  In the image below there are engagements, requests, and request documents. 

3. Filter the view by the type of trash you wish to restore

4. Select one or more items from the listing and press the restore button to restore the items back to their original location.




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