The Engagement Management Lifecycle

Your engagement may be New, In Progress, Complete, or Reopened.

  1. New Engagements [Blue]
    • When you create a new engagement, its status is automatically set to "New"
    • A New engagement's start date is in the future, and clients have not uploaded files
    • New engagements do not appear on your Dashboard if they don't have any requests
    • A New engagement will automatically change to "In Progress" after a client uploads the first file or the engagement Start Date passes
  2. In Progress Engagements [Yellow]
    • In Progress engagements are underway
    • Their start dates have passed, or files may have already been uploaded
    • In Progress engagements will appear on your Dashboard
    • Automatic email notifications are sent (based on user's notification preferences)
  3. Complete Engagements [Green]
    • Engagements should be marked complete after you have finished requesting information from your client and you have finished reviewing 100% of the information submitted
    • After you mark an engagement Complete, the email notifications will automatically stop, and client access will be restricted
    • Complete engagements will not appear on anyone's Dashboard
    • Complete engagements can be Rolled Forward, Reopened or changed back to In Progress
  4. Reopened Engagements [Red]
    • You may want to reopen complete engagements when they need to be re-visited or when you would like to give the listed Professional and Clients access to review prior year information such as detailed request activity, documents, and comments
    • Email notifications are not sent for Reopened Engagements
    • Mark Reopened engagements Complete after you're done


Retention Preferences

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